Professional Registered Parliamentarian

Fees for Services

Because each assignment differs in complexity, a fixed fee schedule cannot be shown here.  General guidelines follow.

For an understanding of the nature of the services involved, read first the section What is a Parliamentarian?

at is a Parliamentarian? 

There is no charge for initial brief consultations that does not require a review of governing documents such as bylaws.

There is no charge for initial public lectures and workshops beyond an honorarium to cover travel expenses.  For non-profit organizations in Western Washington, the honorarium is optional.

Bylaws review, drafting, and revision are billed on an hourly basis.

Services as a presiding officer or parliamentarian for a meeting are also billed on an hourly basis and include preparation time for planning and review of governing documents.

Conventions are billed on a daily rate, plus preparation and planning time on an hourly rate.

Reimbursements for travel expenses are added to all fees, except for lectures and workshops for non-profit organizations in Western Washington.